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5 Reasons Not to Rule Out a Winter Wedding


What a wonderful and romantic time of the year to get engaged, either in the beautiful autumnal weather when the leaves are falling, or under the Christmas tree in the throws of December. This is until you come to choose a date for the wedding. You hear it often - 'oh we can't have a winter wedding', '6 months is far too short a time to plan a wedding', 'we'll have to wait until the year after' and then, there you are sitting twiddling your thumbs wishing your wedding day was sooner. 

We adore a winter wedding, spring and summer are both, of course, beautiful times to get married, but there is something different about a winter wedding. Lots of people get caught up on the negatives of winter, we've turned those negatives into positives. Here are 5 reasons not to rule out a winter wedding. 

The Weather
One of those all important parts of the day that is totally our of your control. We spend the weeks leading up to the big day praying for good weather, but it is England after all and we all know there is a lot of rain. In the winter months you can't help but worry less about rain, you almost come to expect it and are therefore never disappointed, only extra elated if its a beautiful crisp day. 

Seasonal Flowers
It is more common than not nowadays for florists to only work with flowers that are in season. There are some beautiful flowers that are only available in the winter, a favourite of ours is the Anemone. Your blooms can be the envy of your guests with a totally different look to anything they have seen before.

Shorter Days
During the winter we have much shorter days, but this can be a huge bonus. You can have a beautiful wedding breakfast in romantic candlelight or make far better use of your fairy lights in the marquee. The beauty of it being dark outside means your marquee can well and truly shine bright. External lighting can also be used to create an amazing look for your marquee, maybe using festoon lights, bamboo torches or fire pits.   

The Typical Winter Styles
Just because you're planing a winter wedding doesn't mean you need to stick to the old traditional 'Christmas Colour' theme of red, gold and green or all white and sparkles. There is no need for a Christmas Tree, unless of course you would like one, but you can blow your guests' expectations out of the park and steer clear of the typical style expected of a winter wedding. 

There is a far more relaxed feeling to having a winter wedding when it comes to choosing your suppliers. In the height of 'wedding season' suppliers get booked up fast so you need to make the big decisions with speed and urgency, as the season slows you have the luxury of spending a bit longer in the decision making process.

We hope we have managed to open your minds to the idea of a winter wedding and we would love to help you plan yours. Get in touch for Winter 2018.

Written by Natasha  

Natasha Hildyard