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Gifts For Your Bridesmaids


Picking a little thank you for your bridal party can be a tricky process. It wants to be personal and it wants to be something they’ll all like.

It can be too complicated to buy everyone individual gifts unless you have just one or two bridesmaids. But, finding something suitable for all tastes is never easy and sticking with simple options it always a good place to start.

I, personally, love the idea of gifts that can be worn on the day or used in a group as a chance to reunite the team.

Jewellery. This can be a great idea, something nice for the day and it will last a lifetime. You need to check that none of your girls are allergic to anything, and you’re onto a winner!

Shoes. What a perfect way to let the little bridezilla inside shine out and control your team’s entire outfit! Matching shoes look lovely and tying them in as a gift kills two birds with one stone. You could even write a little message on the sole for each maid.

Coat Hangers. If you have a mix of styles and tastes in your bridal party then coat hangers are a safe choice, there are some groovy ones on the market. You can personalise each hanger with each maid’s name, or the date, or both! And it’s something to please everyone that they can keep for life!   

A Group Treat Day. A fabulous way to get the gang back together at a later date and gossip about the big day gone by, I love the idea of a group of girls enjoying a glass of bubbly and a massage or afternoon tea. This is especially nice if you have a mixture of friends from different parts of your life, it’s a great chance to have all your favourite people in one place. 


Written by Natasha

Natasha Hildyard