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Guest Blog - 5 Essential Fireworks for Bonfire Night


Bonfire Night and fireworks go together like cheese and crackers. There’s nothing better than sipping on a warm mulled wine, standing next to a warming bonfire, and watching beautiful fireworks light up the dark night sky.
If you are hosting a party on Bonfire Night, fireworks are a must. If you’ve decide to throw a party at the last minute and perhaps don’t have much money, there are fireworks available even for last-minute shoppers that won’t have to break the bank.
The below five essential fireworks from Firework Crazy will wow your guests without blowing a hole in your budget.

Brothers Pyrotechnics – Tri Fawkes

Tri Fawkes has a name fit for Bonfire Night but it isn’t just great for this reason. This single ignition box will provide you with great value for money. As you light it up, you’ll get to enjoy 40 seconds of continuous fireworks.
The multi-shaped cake-type firework shoots 66 shots with effects ranging from peonies to glittering mines. This firework also has beautiful colours – it’s full of silver, red, blue and green. Though it has an eight-metre safety distance (so needs to be used in a bigger garden!) this is a great firework to have.

BrightStar – War Hawks

Rockets are a must-have firework for Bonfire Night. The massive single bang will take control of the night sky and the effects and colours will leave everyone gasping in excitement. War Hawks is a pack of five large rockets, and each rocket comes with its unique effect on top of the main golden willow theme. These rockets are a beautiful addition to any display.

Zeus Fireworks – Wave Willow

You should also consider Wave Willow as a budget-friendly addition to your Bonfire Night party.
This 19-shot firework will fill the night sky with huge bursts of gold wave willows with blue sparkling stars. Wave Willow looks good on its own or is brilliant combined with rockets, and fires for 30 seconds.

Tai Pan – Burnout Catherine Wheel

Catherine Wheels are always seen on Bonfire Night. If you want something slightly unusual for your party display, you might want to consider opting for a wheel-style firework instead – it’ll be a guaranteed showstopper!
The Burnout Catherine Wheel lasts for 45 seconds during which you’ll experience a stunning triple-effect wheel of fire. The colours in this wheel are magnificent and the firefly effect is a unique addition to a wheel.

Kimbolton Fireworks – Mexican Wave

How about another beautiful small garden firework? Mexican Wave is a mine cake that fires 12 shots in the space of 25 seconds. You get to enjoy six effects including glitter and a beautiful and surprising crackling finish. This firework is also full of beautiful colours ranging from silver and green to blue and purple. This small mine cake packs quite a punch and it would add a lovely touch to a garden display.

Fireworks are a must for your Bonfire Night celebrations. The colourful effects and fantastic whizzes add an extra layer of magic to your occasion, while if you’re not buying for November 5th they’re also ideal whether you need fireworks for a winter wedding or a garden party.


Written by Firework Crazy

Natasha Hildyard