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Planning For A Small Event


At the beginning of the month, I planned my youngest daughters christening. It was a small family affair of 40 guests. It can be very easy to underestimate the planning involved, even in these small events. I would always recommend assistance from a planner but if you can’t, here are a few little tips to make sure your event is top notch and perfect.

Something very often over looked but if you would like the event to be documented, hire a professional. They are there to take photos and nothing else. Unlike the very useful yet sociable friend or family member who has offered to bring their camera.

Never underestimate the work required in catering for a small party. If you would like to spend time with your guests and relax yourself hire in a caterer. It takes a huge pressure off you playing host. Not only will they set up, bring their own crockery, glassware and a few extra staff but they will leave your kitchen clean and tidy. Perfect, when all you would like to do after the event is put your feet up with a cup of tea.

Keep is simple, with a small number you want to limit choices to a minimum, so as not to overwhelm your guests. It can be very easy to get carried away. Pick 2 or 3 very simple and crowd pleasing canapes and ensure there are plenty to go around. If you are planning on serving a meal but don’t have enough space to seat everyone? Go for bowl food, a chilli con carne or a fragrant curry and a very easy dessert.
Another option is to serve canapes throughout, as if it were a 3 course meal, light small, possibly cold, bites to start followed by some more heavy canapes, moving to hot, then sweet canapes to finish giving your guests a clear idea of a beginning and an end.

There is no need to blow the budget on floral arrangements or decoration but a few additions to make the house feel special are key. It will give the event atmosphere and you can always offer out the arrangements as gifts at the end of the day.

We would love to assist in the planning and execution of any event you are planning small or large and we can’t wait to hear more about it.

Written by Natasha

Natasha Hildyard