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Natasha and Chris 24th May 2014


Wednesday 24th May will mark my 3rd anniversary with my amazing husband and what better way to celebrate than to write a little blog about our own planning process.

Planning our wedding was the best year of my life, it was relaxed and enjoyable and I strongly feel that is how every bride should feel. Like many brides, I had my wedding planned from a young age. 3 years after the wedding we still have friends telling us what a fantastic day it was and regularly hear is described as ‘one of the best weddings they’ve been to’ it’s a real honour to hear and my husband and I feel very proud to have hosted such a fantastic wedding that 3 years later our friends still talk about it.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home with beautiful gardens, although the garden was hilly we had one large flat lawn with a beautiful old fountain in the middle and this was the start of my dream. I had always dreamt of having a marquee wedding with the fountain at the centre of the marquee.

Chris proposed on the 18th May 2013, 11 months after we met. Choosing a date was a simple process for us. We both knew we didn’t want a wedding in the Winter, nor a wedding in the Summer, that left us with Spring and Autumn. Autumn was too close or too far away which left us with Spring 2014. With Chris being from Yorkshire we settled on a bank holiday weekend and the planning begun.

I loved the vintage style that was very popular at the time with, highly decorated china, lanterns, shabby chic windows for table plans and flowers, lots and lots of flowers. I adore roses and peonies and May was the season for it. For me, the decor was one of the most important things about my wedding. The look of my wedding is what made it 'my' wedding day. For Chris, it was the food, the music and the alcohol, all the things to make a good party. We were a good balance and a great team when it came to composing our wedding day. 

When it came to my dress, Chris has this wonderful knack for knowing me better than I know myself. He always told me I would wear the biggest wedding dress I could find. I started my dress shopping experience with the thought of a beautiful fishtale dress, albeit a poofy bottom but slim fitted and sexy. The more fishtail dresses I tried on the less I liked them and I started looking at princess style dresses. I fell in love with a Vera Wang ball gown and never looked back. I had no say in what my husband would be wearing. He made that clear from the start, ushers would be in their own morning coat with no matching and with a lot of persuasion I loved it!  

One of my husbands childhood nicknames is Beek and he didn’t half stick his beak in where I didn’t want it. He was a very hands-on groom (my worst nightmare) but looking back I am so glad he was. Some advice, I chose to ignore, which now I very much regret, but he did stop me making some terrible errors. If there is one piece of advice I have for you brides, listen to your grooms, they may have some good ideas!

Our day was centred around having a great party, we wanted to entertain our guests and celebrate starting our life together. It was simply perfect. We had chosen a great team of suppliers and those suppliers were so important. They worked tirelessly to make sure our day was exactly how we wanted it to be.

Happy Anniversary to my darling husband, thank you for supporting me and being my best friend. x 

Written by Natasha

Photo Credit - Hope Fitzgerald

Natasha Hildyard