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Wedding Favours


Wedding favours have a real marmite effect, you either love them or hate them. If you love them then you are in the right place, if you hate them… Hopefully we can change your mind.

Favours aren’t essential but can be a really sweet way to make sure you give each of your guests a little love. Traditionally, wedding favours were sugared almonds or a slice of cake but now it’s oh so much more. We’ve picked our top 5 ideas for you to muse over for your big day.

A Hangover Kit
Us Brits love our booze, and a hangover kit will be an essential for most of your guests the next morning. It could be as simple as a mini pack of face wipes, some chewing gum and a little sugar fix… you could venture as far as to include a sandwich for those midnight munchies!

Mini Bottles of Booze
Again, there is something about a little tipple and a small bottle of Sloe Gin or Jägermeister is a great ice breaker for your guests when they sit down at their tables. If you’re feeling brave you could create your own concoction, a Blackberry Whiskey or a Damson Vodka will always go down a storm. We even saw ushers handing out mini bottles of Raspberry Gin with each Order of Service at a winter wedding last year! 

Miniature Wedding Cake
Something for the oldies here, if you’re like some of our couples and don’t want a traditional wedding cake and are opting for a Cheese Tower or no cake at all, this is a great way to please everyone. They’re a real statement and the perfect little wow factor for any table.

Place Cards
A great way to not only kill two birds with one stone, but create something beautifully original for your place cards. Make them interesting and fit with your wedding theme, maybe its oyster shells from your favourite haunt in Whitstable or a mix of dried leaves to represent his proposal in the park in Autumn.

Sweet Treat
What is not to love about sitting down to your table and having something to munch on. Either now or save for later when you hit the dance floor and need that extra sugar rush! A sweet treat can be anything from Pic’n’Mix to a doughnut. There are so many fun and interesting ways to present a sweet treat, it’s such a simple and beautiful statement. 

Written by Natasha

Natasha Hildyard